MSE Knowledge Database

How do you know what type of company you should form?  Are you considering fundraising, yet don’t know the difference between convertible notes and preferred equity?  Do you have a term sheet and not understand what it says?  This Main Street Exchange (MSE) Knowledge Database is a place where you can come to learn about the world of fundraising, angel investors, venture capital (VC), and other startup issues.

In this portal, you will also find valuable information designed to help you build your company’s MSE profile.

Here’s how it works:  You can select knowledge categories in the menu at the top of this page in order to go to articles related to the corresponding topics.  You can click “System Dictionary” in the navigation menu above to gain familiarity with specific words and phrases found within MSE’s Onboarding Sheet and other documentation.  Likewise, the “Investment Dictionary” will provide you with broader financing and fundraising terminology.

Lastly, you can scroll through the entries in the right-hand sidebar to learn more about additional topics of importance.

Have fun, go learn, build your profile, and crush that fundraise!



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